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            高中英語作文—集體生活 Group Life

            2019-09-17 10:32:19 來源:啟達教育網

            When I go to high school, our school has the rule to ask students to live in the dormitory. Most students live with their parents before, so we all feel excited and afraid of the group life. Luckily, I have three nice roommates. Soon we become close friends. Living with others, we learn to do the house work, such as everyone needs take turn to clean the floor, when we have something good to eat, we will share with each other. The group life makes us have less private space, but we enjoy the moment when we have the little talk before sleep, the secrets that we don't want our parents know can talk to these girls. What's more, I become much independent. I learn to take care of myself and have really grown up.



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