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            高中英語作文—控制槍支的方法 The Way to Control Gun

            2019-09-12 15:52:49 來源:啟達教育網

            Gunshot problem is becoming more serious as more secret sources for some people to get guns, especially in America, gunshot disaster happens every few days. Though more and more people called for the government to ban selling guns, still no effective action has been taken.


            When Chinese people were enjoying Spring Festival, a disaster happened in American campus. A high school student shot other students in campus, which leaded to more than ten students died. They were young and should enjoy the good time of their lives. The public felt so sad and the ban of gun caused the public’s attention again. But the president advised a horrible way to control the problem.


            He told the media that he planned to let some teachers to be equipped with guns, so as to stop the gangsters to some degree. People felt so ridiculous about his idea. What if some teachers use the guns to do criminal things. The best way to control gun is to ban selling it. We are lucky to live in a country without gun abuse.



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